Released Date: 24th July 2020 Music: Dirty Den, Frenchy, I9sane, Lockjaw, Broke Lyrics: Chris Rich Beats Bass: 9th House Entertainment Drumbs: Elliot “L” Radbourne / 9th House Entertainment

Lizzy first came about in a studio session with Frenchy, who had some melodic vocal ideas and we decided to create a hook out of some of his takes. Dirty Den came to the studio on a separate session and heard what was down so far when looking for something to work on and literally wrote and recorded his verse for it there and then. (He gets like that and kills it as well!) From there, nothing really happened with the track and we weren’t sure what to do with it.

In the background we were in contact with some Italian drill/rap artists who wanted to look into using our mixing and editing services after hearing one of Frenchy’s projects “Malcolm”. We obviously said yes, so the stems were sent across….low and behold the CRAZY Italian drill flows received were over the same Chris Rich beat we planned to use for Lizzy!

We had discussions and the decision was made to go ahead and merge the two tracks to make one of our most interesting and unique collaborations we’ve made yet! All artists involved then agreed that 9thHouse Entertainment should arrange and edit all vocals, then do the final mix and master for release. Check out the end result!